Guided Fishing Trips in Eastern Maine

Dozens of deep clear cold water lakes can be found in this region of the state. This area is historically known for it’s spring Salmon and Trout fishing. Just after ice out, salmon, brook trout and lake trout fishing can provide good action on fly rods and medium/light action spinning rods.  These fish are foraging on smelts and other bait fish near the surface. As waters warm, fish can be found in deeper cooler water. Bass fishing begins in June during spawning season and continues through the warmer summer months. As waters cool in the fall, Salmon and Trout become the primary species.

Fishing is done primarily by boat, trolling streamers and light tackle near the surface in the spring and deep trolling with down riggers as waters warm. Bass fishing is very productive casting bait and lures. Snacks and lunch is provided on full day guided fishing trips.

Landlocked Salmon

Salmon Fishing on West Grand Lake Maine

Landlocked Salmon

Landlocked Salmon are typically caught trolling streamer flies.  Salmon typically strike the lures hard and often leap from the surface of the water when hooked, putting on a show for the angler.  Salmon like water temperatures of 55 degrees which is ideal for them.  Their primary food source are rainbow smelts.  When the water warms up salmon will search for the cooler water and usually are found in proximity to a school of smelts.  Trolling rods with lead core line or spinning tackle used with a downrigger are methods of taking suspended salmon.

Lake Trout

Lake Trout Fishing in Eastern Maine

Lake Trout (Togue)

Lake Trout (Togue) prefer water temperatures between 48 and 52 degrees.  In the spring they are usually near the surface of the lake in shallow water.  They are commonly found in areas where streams enter the lakes because smelts spawn in the spring and the fish are concentrated in those areas.  In lakes that have both lake trout and salmon, both species are caught by the same method in the same area.  In areas that also have brook trout, it is common for an angler to catch all three species by the same method.  It is also a common sight for the fish species to be regurgitating smelts when they are landed and their bellies shaped like inflated footballs.  Later in the season lake trout can be found in deeper water 50 or more feet and around structure.  A bait rigged smelt on a medium action spinning rod is a deadly combination for salmon and lake trout when used with the downrigger.

Brook Trout

Eastern Maine Native Brook Trout

Brook Trout

Brook Trout provide great action at ice out in small ponds and lakes on light spinning tackle or fly fishing gear.  They can be caught trolling with streamer flies and lures.  Brook trout can be caught in streams, rivers and brooks during the spring and summer.  During the summer months when the water temperatures warm up brook trout can be caught in deeper cold water or oxygenated cold water around springs.  They are fierce fighters and are a lot of fun to catch on dry flies during hatches of insects.

Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass

Bass Fishing in Eastern Maine

Largemouth Bass

Bass fishing good spring through the fall.   Bass fishing is typically best in mid-May through the summer months.  Bass fishing can be very fast paced and the average angler can expect to catch a number of bass daily.  Both smallmouth bass and largemouth bass fight hard and are extremely fun to catch on light tackle.  Bass will also put on a good acrobatic show for the angler.  An angler can expect to catch non target species like chain pickerel and white perch while bass fishing.

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